Your Individual Invitation

Dear Friends,

This space is designed for you, Dear Reader.

As always, I'm looking at For·rest with you in mind. I'm looking at ways to build out this space in the coming months and years to better support you and offer you whatever I can.

And now, honestly, my financial situation is in a bit of a whirlwind and I won't be able to afford to keep For·rest running in 2021. It'll shut down mid-March, unless support is found. 

So, here's my humble plea: will you help me keep For·rest?

To keep means to hold and maintain, but it also means to care for, to nourish. How beautiful that we can do that all together, holding space for the weary, in this space. 

And, as it is with any hospitable invitation, I'd like for you to receive something in return. So, be sure to check out what I'm offering with each donation, cause there's some really fun things waiting for you there. 

May peace and wonder fill your hearts and homes as we continue through 2021, with hope, together. 

With love,

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